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Missing all that is gone,
gone as if in a dream
from which you wake up,
sometimes in the middle of the night,
sometimes with lights pouring in
from the little window
that reminds you of the outer world.

as if you are trying to hold on to your dream,

but to no avail.

It fades away so hasty,
there is nothing you can do,
nothing to avoid it,

to avoid its cruelty.

And the misery of knowing
there is nothing,
nothing you can do to revert it.

New years are like that to me, a reminder of all the things I missed in the past, and of those I’ll be missing evermore…

Mehmet Koçali
December 31st, 2012


A bedouin sitting on the edge of Jordanian red rocks
Around The Monastery, Petra – Jordan
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