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I met Iwona in Istanbul, maybe 10 years ago, when she was working at Mercedes-Benz Turkey. We quickly became good friends. She is one of the kindest persons you could ever meet. Last time I saw her was years after she left Mercedes Benz Turkey, but seven years ago. She came with her husband Michał to Istanbul. Michał is also the kind of person you see clearly that he is a very good person from the heart.

But then years passed, until the day of October 12th, 2016.

Iwona invited us to her home, her beautiful home in Warsaw. While we were listening to some jazz and then 90’s pop/rock music on Michał’s hi-fi setup, we had nice conversations about various topics, ranging from our lives to politics 🙂

The food, the dessert, the presents, everything was perfect. I just regret forgetting the cake she packed for us.

Thank you, Iwona and Michał for your hospitality, for your time, for arranging the vaccination for Korhan, for everything.

P.S. We have to add that your present is now Korhan’s favorite toy 🙂

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