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Monika Kordula is Fulya’s friend from when she was working at Starbucks in London. It has been 7 years since they hadn’t seen each other.

Our original plan was to drive from Vienna (Austria) to Banská (Slovakia) and spend there a day and then drive to Kraków (Poland). However, when we learned that Monika lived in Southwest Poland, this route wouldn’t be suitable for us.

So, we changed our route and drove to Brušperk (Czech Republic) instead of Banská, which would allow us to stop by at Pietrowice Wielkie.

When we were closing in on the destination, Monika’s home, the scenery was so beautiful we stopped to take some photographs.


Then when we reached Monika’s home and Fulya rang the door bell, Monika came out in awe to see Fulya in front of her home, in a rural Village in the Racibórz County in Southwestern Poland.

The moment was really special, Fulya and Monika hugging each other with pure happiness.

Monika invited us into her home, where her husband Grzegorz, son Mateusz and daughter Marta greeted us.

We thank the Kordula family for all their hospitality and the nice gifts 🙂

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