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I first met Paweł in the summer of ’99. He was there for two weeks, but in those two weeks, we got very good friends. Then when I went to Harrow House for the second time, in the summer of ’00, by great surprise Paweł was there, too. This time he came with his sister Ela. We did lots of things, like advancing mind perception, staying awake for whole 2 nights, etc. Every moment was like magic.

And after 16 years we met again, thanks to Ela who made it possible.

We also met Paweł’s family, his gorgeous little girls. You can’t imagine how happy Korhan was among the nice ladies 🙂 He was smiling all the time 🙂

After the first Pierogi experience we had in Krakow, which wasn’t pleasant at all, we are so happy we had the chance to try it again, so it is a nice and delicious memory in our minds.

Thanks for sharing your time with us.

and thanks for the short Polish text you wrote for me 🙂

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