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Our time in Vienna became special when we met our dear friend Ümit, whom I hadn’t seen for several years. He first took us to a so-called “family-friendly” cafe. Had never heard of or been to such a place before. Tables were set apart very far from each other, allowing strollers plenty of space and also kids to play freely without disturbing others. Inside there were like more than a dozen kids, happily running, playing, spending time. Loved it, truly.

After sipping our drinks, we went for a walk to some must-sees. After several hours everyone was now super hungry. Since we were in the land of Schnitzel’s, we had to go and eat some 🙂 Ümit took us to the famous Schnitzelwirt at Neubaugasse 52.

The night ended with a delicious taste 🙂 Thanks to you, Ümit!

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