Austria Europe Road Trip 2016

Hallstatt, a Heaven on Earth

Circa 2-3 weeks ago, one of Fulya’s friends had liked a photograph on Facebook, a photo from Hallstatt, a town at a lake with beautiful scenery. However, since it was way too far from our route, we had it skipped. But then, yesterday morning, I was like, “Uhm, ok, this is a chance in a […]

Czech Republic Europe Road Trip 2016

Český Krumlov, a Romantic Getaway

On October 22nd, we were walking to the apartment we were staying in Prague, but Korhan had already woken up long ago and was now hungry. He was literally begging to be fed. So, we couldn’t wait for the 15-20 minutes to get home to feed him. There was a shopping center, the Palladium on […]

Czech Republic Europe Road Trip 2016

Prague, a Bohemian Rhapsody

It was time to drive to Prague, a Bohemian Rhapsody. Knowing that Prague was the hometown of Bedrich Smetana, the composer of one of my favorite classical pieces, Die Moldau (Ma Vlast), gave Prague a special meaning to me. While listening to the sounds of the Vlastav River, we enjoyed the beauty of the scenery in […]

Europe Road Trip 2016 Friends Germany

The Magic of Berlin, Tania the Fairy :)

For some time I was looking for a suitable accommodation in Berlin for us, but listings were so limited on Airbnb and other services, I thought that I was too late because Berlin’s a big attraction for many and all the places were already booked for the weekend. After discussing it with Fulya, we decided […]

Europe Road Trip 2016 Friends Poland

Meeting Maciej Pucek in Poznan

It was time to see another old soul from Harrow House, a soul I met 17 years back. Maciej and Gilbert were like my best friends in Harrow House, we did everything together, including organizing the famous beach party. We met in front of Maciej’s kindergarten, the Montessori on Czeremchowa 27. He showed us around […]

Europe Road Trip 2016 Friends Poland

Meeting Iwona Patyk

I met Iwona in Istanbul, maybe 10 years ago, when she was working at Mercedes-Benz Turkey. We quickly became good friends. She is one of the kindest persons you could ever meet. Last time I saw her was years after she left Mercedes Benz Turkey, but seven years ago. She came with her husband Michał […]

Europe Road Trip 2016 Poland

Vaccination Time for Baby Korhan

Korhan’s vaccination schedule has the 5-in-1 combined vaccination and pneumococcal at month four. So, it was time to arrange it, but how? Thankfully, our friend Iwona has arranged everything. She made an appointment at the LuxMed clinic on Chmielna street. Since it was only a 7-minute-walk from where we stayed, we got there very easily. Our […]

Europe Road Trip 2016 Friends Poland

Meeting Paweł & Ela Adamczyk in Warsaw

I first met Paweł in the summer of ’99. He was there for two weeks, but in those two weeks, we got very good friends. Then when I went to Harrow House for the second time, in the summer of ’00, by great surprise Paweł was there, too. This time he came with his sister Ela. […]

Europe Road Trip 2016 Friends Poland

Lady Iza Barska

If you are in Krakow, not going to the Old Town is out of question. It’s truly beautiful. In the middle of the square is the old town market, a bazaar-like market with various shops one after another. One of them was the shop of Iza Barska, the most exquisite one. There you can find artworks […]

Europe Road Trip 2016 Friends Poland

Meeting Monika Kordula in Pietrowice Wielkie

Monika Kordula is Fulya’s friend from when she was working at Starbucks in London. It has been 7 years since they hadn’t seen each other. Our original plan was to drive from Vienna (Austria) to Banská (Slovakia) and spend there a day and then drive to Kraków (Poland). However, when we learned that Monika lived […]